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Gear Available in VocaLive

Below are all the models of gear included in VocaLive, plus all the gear models you can add to your rig through in-app purchase.


The Chorus effect creates an ensemble sound from a single source using a modulated delay line. It is based on a typical digital chorus with great control and flexibility. Use this effect on your voice to add shimmer and animated modulation.


The Comp effect compresses – or reduces – the dynamic range of the input signal for a more even, consistent sound. It is a model of a classic analog compressor that beautifully sustains your sound making it big and punchy.


The Delay is an echo effect designed to add spaciousness and dimension to a vocal. It is a model of a modern digital delay effect that allows up to one second of delay.

Envelope Filter

The Envelope Filter is a synthesizer effect where high frequencies are filtered out in a sweeping motion triggered by the volume of the incoming signal. This is a signature funk sound that applies timbral filtering to your voice that automatically follows what you're singing.

Parametric EQ

The Parametric EQ is a single band equalizer that boosts a specific frequency in the spectrum. It is a model of an analog one-band parametric EQ that you can use to adjust your vocal tone with great precision.


The Phazer effect modulates individual EQ bands within the spectrum to create a sweeping, dimensional effect. It generates a smooth, watery modulation effect on your voice.


The Reverb is a spatial effect designed to simulate rooms, halls and studio plates to add depth and dimension to a vocal. You can sing in your bedroom and make it sound like you are in a stadium. Or use the effect in a small club to invoke the sound of a large hall.


The Choir effect can generate up to three distinct harmonization voices to enrich and expand your vocal, guitar or other instruments. Use it to create basic harmonies, enchanting choirs or incredible sci-fi effects. The harmonizer has 3 separate intervals for pitch shifting or doubling.


The De-Esser effect removes sibilance and unwanted harsh peaks from vocals and instruments by employing a narrow band compressor tuned to specific frequencies in which sibilance appears. You can remove unwanted sibilance from your voice to add extra polish to your performances and recordings. The De-Esser can also be used to reduce string noise from an acoustic guitar, breath noise from flutes or to 'smooth' a mix.


The Double adds the effect of two voices or instruments playing together from a single source. This effect lets you quickly recreate studio doubled sounds during a single live performance. You can thicken your voice, guitar or other instrument, make it more intimate or create detuned effects by adjusting the various controls. A digital limiter that will make your tone louder keeping it as clean as possible.


The Morph effect independently changes the format and / or the pitch of the incoming signal using an X-Y axis. Formant shifting changes the tonal quality of the voice (or instrument) from subtle deepening to radical gender bending without changing the pitch. Pitch shifting changes the actual pitch of incoming signal to allow you to extend your range higher or lower. Morph is an inspiring tool that gives you the opportunity to explore unique vocal sounds and instrument timbres. Modify your source in a subtle, realistic way or take it beyond the limits of the reality.

Pitch Fix

Pitch Fix is powerful pitch correction effect with a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. You can save time in the by fixing intonation errors on the fly. Experimenting with creative and radical combinations of its settings can create amazing results. Pitch Fix quantizes (tunes) the pitch of the incoming signal. Use this effect to make your singing more in tune or as a hard – quantized pitch effect for modern pop productions. You can select the musical key in which to more accurately correct the pitch for a specific song, or you can select “Chromatic” to correct the pitch in a more general way with all 12 notes as an available option. If you are not sure of the key of your song, choose the Chromatic option.

Dynamic 58

Based on Shure® SM58™ dynamic microphone

This mic model is based on the most widely used dynamic microphone for vocals use all over the world. A true ubiquitous classic, equally at home in the bedroom studio or on the big stage.

2-Track Recorder

The 2-track recorder allows you to lay down your musical ideas. Recording sessions can be organized and saved into Projects.

The lower part of the interface is dedicated to the mixer controls. On the top of the mixer you have the arm, mute and solo buttons. The Mute button mutes the track, while Solo allows you to listen just to that single track. The Arm button  activates the track input monitoring. The Volume knob controls the output volume of the track. The Pan knob allows to control the stereo positioning of the track. On the top of the track a VU-Meter shows the track volume level.

Studio FX

Envelope Filter

Parametric EQ

Vocal FX


Pitch Fix


Dynamic 58


2-Track Recorder

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