18 Jun 2021

Over 50 UNO Synth Pro accolades!

See the best of our community-based video playlist

UNO Synth Pro is reaching new fans far and wide, including many who are happy to share their music and thoughts on IK's latest analog synthesizer.

The consensus among users:

  • UNO Synth Pro offers tons of powerful tone-shaping controls
  • Both versions have the same amazing sound quality
  • The knobs and workflow make it intuitive and easy to use

So everyone can check out what's happening, we've created a YouTube playlist entitled UNO Synth Pro Community & Media Playlist.

Below is a sampling of the best material so far. We'll update the playlist as we ship units and more user content comes in. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Dr. Mix performs the Star Trek theme

"I've done everything with a monophonic synthesizer that's paraphonic as much as you want. It's pretty impressive, isn't it?"

Dr. Mix

Meanwhile in Japan (with subtitles)

"I have a number of analog synths myself, and I'm glad to have this one in my arsenal!"

music track

BoBeats' surprising review

"And this is one of the unique features here with this synth. The fact that it's more open in its design lets you do wilder things!"


There is plenty of control available to shape just about any kind of synth sound you can imagine.

The SonicState interview

"With the UNO Synth Pro, I'm finding it's really speaking to me sonically. So far I've been very impressed with the sound of it."


Pro Tools Expert deep dive

"Incredibly rich analog sound from such a deceptively small desktop synthesizer."

Pro Tools Expert

I don't think you could have predicted that with the original UNO Synth they were going to turn it into THIS!

Making of "The One" by haQ attaQ

"UNO Synth Pro is very good at pads, leads and other kinds of weird effects. When it comes to bass, the UNO Synth Pro really does that well. It has such a depth to it in the bass range."

haQ attaQ

What excites us is the fact that the UNO comes in at such a good price point and offers such a capable instrument. It has a really simple workflow too.

Loopop compares the two

"Overall, for synths that aren't knob-per-function, these are very easy to use and learn, and yet pack quite a bit of analog, digital, sequencing and modulation power for the buck."


UNO Synth Pro Community & Media Playlist


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